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We look for friendly and thoughtful folks with a passion for creating great experiences. Candidates must demonstrate the ability to think critically, work independently, and desire support a user-centered organization. You must like to work hard and have fun.
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You'll be part of a fun team that loves experience design, design thinking (problem-solving & critical thinking), technology, and lifelong learning. 

We have two types of job openings:

JOBS has a limited number of non-UX positions. Openings are those typically involved in the running of a small training business: customer service, instructional design, travel coordinator, etc. Those with an interest in technology, design thinking, and human experiences are preferred.UX trained professionals are encouraged to apply for non-UX positions.

INTERNSHIPS offers a small number of short-term paid internships to highly qualified UX apprentices. These positions are designed to give interns broad-based experience as UX professionals inside a company. Candidates must hold at least a bachelor's degree and, preferably, have graduate-level course work in user experience, applied cognitive psychology, human factors, or a related field. Internships are paid and designed to be a stepping stone into the UX field.
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